Employee Spotlight

Meet Emma. Emma is the Director of Optimizations here at CanIRank. As you may have guessed by the title, Emma possesses an absolute art when it comes to optimizing search results. Emma leads her team with kindness, compassion, and ultimate knowledge sharing. We are lucky to have Emma as part of our team!

About Emma:


Changes frequently – I’m a bonafide digital nomad, traveling around the US in an RV.

Professional Background

Initially began my career in marketing and advertising at a boutique agency in Seattle that specialized in non-profits, focusing mainly on copywriting and event coordination. After moving to Canada in 2009, I worked as a freelance copywriter for a huge variety of startups – from fashion and tech to a company that tracked metrics around social media campaigns for television shows. Eventually, joined the team at PasswordBox, a digital security startup, as the staff copywriter, and after the company’s acquisition by Intel, transitioned to the Content Lead for True Key, Intel’s password management software. I joined CanIRank in 2016 and really enjoy working with clients to improve their on-page optimization and build sustainable, reliable organic traffic.

Random Tidbit

Studied tap and jazz for 15 years, still love to hop into a dance class when I can find one!

Lightning Round Q&A with Emma:

  • Would you rather find yourself living in a real-world version of the “Hunger Games”, or the “Maze Runner”?
  • “I’m not familiar with Maze Runner, but I’ll choose that since Hunger Games is so bleak. Plus, I’m a runner, so the shoe fits!”
  • What inspires you?
  • “Travel, always. I also love to read non-fiction – currently, I’m finishing up ‘Make Your Bed’ by Admiral McRaven on the lessons he learned as a Navy SEAL, and next up is ‘Reality is Not What it Seems’ by Carlo Rovelli about quantum physics.”
  • Captain America or the Hulk?
  • “Captain America, though I’m sure we can all relate to the Hulk every now and again.”
  • Who is your number one idol?
  • “Paul Newman. Not only a gifted actor but through his ‘Newman’s Own’ food company, committed to donating 100% of the company’s profits to charity. Since the company’s start in 1982, they’ve donated over $530M to charities around the world. Incredible.”
  • If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • “Definitely a charcuterie plate and a chunk of authentic French baguette. Simple and delicious.”
  • What business types are your specialty?
  • “I’ve worked with a lot of SaaS companies, but I really enjoy the challenge of small eCommerce SEO. For small businesses, it’s really about how the tasks you’re pursuing impact the bottom line. Seeing revenue grow in direct response to your SEO campaign is really exciting and fulfilling.”
  • What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to?
  • “There are so many incredible places that have their own incomparable beauty, so it’s hard to choose one. That said, I’m a West Coaster at heart, so Big Sur and the central California coast are never far from my mind.”
  • Bunnies or Foxes?
  • “Foxes!”

And… that’s a wrap!