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Tired of putting in hours of work creating great content, only to rank too low to get traffic? Ever feel like search engines favor Big Brands even when their content sucks? Wish someone could just tell you which keywords would be most valuable for you to pursue before you invest time and money creating content?

Discover how much more efficient SEO can be with the only keyword difficulty tool that can tell you whether or not your site will be competitive before you create content. Unlike other keyword difficulty tools, our recommendations are specifically tailored to your site, so you won’t be chasing the same keywords as everyone else!

Over twice as accurate as other keyword difficulty tools

Using the same machine learning techniques that power Google, CanIRank doesn’t just give you a keyword difficulty score, we show you which keywords offer the best balance between traffic potential and ranking difficulty specifically for your website.
Discover why CanIRank is the best keyword difficulty checker for SEOs who value efficiency:

Accurate Keyword Difficulty = Relevancy + Authority

CanIRank is the only keyword SEO difficulty tool on the market to incorporate thematic relevancy and other machine learning-based signals into our keyword difficulty calculations, one reason studies have shown us to be over twice as accurate as other keyword difficulty tools such as Moz, SEMRush, and Ahrefs.

keyword difficulty accuracy

Find easier keyword variations with 1 click

Having trouble finding a keyword that’s easy to rank for? Click “Get suggestions for easier related keywords” to find dozens of less competitive alternatives.

find easy keyword variations

A keyword analysis tool from data scientists, not marketers

Like Google, CanIRank’s Ranking Probability predictions are based on machine learning algorithms evaluating over 200 factors to determine whether or not your site can compete. Better data science means you don’t lose time chasing “false positives” that are actually too difficult for your site.

keyword analysis tool

Why “Keyword ROI” is more important than Keyword Difficulty

Your goal shouldn’t be to find the easiest keyword; it’s to find keywords that offer the most “bang for your buck”: lots of quality traffic relative to the ranking difficulty. Only CanIRank calculates Keyword ROI to show you the best opportunities specifically for your website.

keyword roi

Keyword competition analysis: what it will take to rank?

Other tools give you a single keyword difficulty score. CanIRank’s SERP analysis shows you why a keyword is challenging, so you can understand what you’d need to improve in order to compete.

keyword difficulty competition analysis

Uncover “hidden gem” long-tail keywords

To help you find long-tail SEO keywords that you can rank for quickly, we recommend dozens of related keyword ideas for every keyword you analyze, including keywords your competitors rank for, semantically related terms, and search engine suggestions. Think Google’s Keyword Planner, but smarter.

generate long tail keyword ideas

Guaranteed results

If an SEO keyword difficulty tool isn’t accurate, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. Build a page effectively targeting a keyword with a Ranking Probability score above 80% and if you don’t rank, we’ll refund your subscription fees.

guaranteed results

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