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Learn why competitors rank, and how to beat them

In the early days of SEO, competitor analysis meant pulling data from a bunch of SEO and social media tools for every competing website, compiling it all in a fancy Excel template, and hoping clients weren’t afraid of massive spreadsheets (and a massive bill for time spent collecting all that data).

Now there’s a better way: CanIRank’s SEO competitive analysis tool pulls data on over 200 different ranking factors from 7 different sources, including all the best SEO tools like Moz, SEMRush, and Ahrefs, then compiles it in a dynamic report that’s actionable and easy to understand — even for clients.

To Learn Any More About Why Sites Rank,
You’d Need to Get a Google Engineer Drunk

The best SEO competitive analysis software helps you easily understand which factors drive top rankings for any keyword, so you can devise a customized SEO strategy that will get you to #1 as fast as possible.
If you value your time at more than $1/ hr, this software will save you money
compared to a manual "free" SEO Competitive Analysis process.

Analyze over 200 factors from 7 different sources

Don't waste time manually pulling competitor data from tools like Google AdWords, Moz, SEMRush, Arefs, social media, SimliarWeb, or BuzzSumo. Get everything you need to know in one easy report, automatically pulled in via API for your website and competitors. CanIRank is like having a subscription to 7 of the best SEO competitor research tools, but for lower cost than any one individually.

7 Competitor Analysis Tools in One

SEO Competitive Analysis Reports that are easy to understand — even for clients

To make our reports understandable even to those new to SEO, we aggregate raw data into six major Ranking Factor areas and create a heatmap showing the strengths and weaknesses of your website relative to each competing website. For more detail, drill down into any Ranking Factor to reveal the raw data and metrics for SEO geeks.

SEO keyword competitor analysis

Don’t just compare SEO metrics, learn how to improve them

The best SEOs don’t blindly follow the same approach for every keyword and every website. A good competitive analysis process can reveal which factors Google prioritize for any search engine result page, enabling you to navigate the most efficient path to the top.

improve SEO metrics

Thousands of SEO competition metrics collected and compiled in seconds

Quick: a new client wants to discuss SEO strategy in 5 minutes. No problem! Fire up CanIRank and use the other 4 minutes to refill your coffee. With data on domain authority, optimization, link anchor text, page strength, thematic content, social media engagement, technical, and other SEO metrics for your website and competitors all in one report, you can become an expert on any market in a matter of minutes.

Competitive Analysis software for SEO

Guaranteed results

If CanIRank’s SEO competitor analysis tool doesn’t make it clear what your page needs to improve in order to rank, we’ll give you a free competitive analysis from one of our expert SEO consultants or a full refund of your subscription fees.

guaranteed results

Learn how to rank #1 on Google in under 60 seconds

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Learn more about the best SEO Competitive Analysis process and what data to collect:

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