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White hat SEO link building strategies can’t be automated, but they can be made more efficient

Organic white-hat link building can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. You may send hundreds of emails to earn just 1 backlink. Some websites want you to pay for a link, or add rel=nofollow, eliminating any benefit to your search engine rankings. Worse, if you earn the wrong kind of links or use tactics disapproved by Google, you risk incurring a search engine penalty as the reward for your hard work.

CanIRank’s nearly automated link building software makes earning links easier and more efficient by telling you which link targets are most likely to link to a site like yours, offer dofollow links, and give the biggest boost to your search engine rankings. We’ll even show you which strategies your competitors used to earn their links, and provide detailed step-by-step instructions for how you can do the same.

Quickly research, evaluate, and connect
with the best link prospects for your website

Other SEO link building tools can generate thousands of prospects. Only CanIRank can tell you which prospects are most likely to link to a website like yours, and which outreach strategy will give you the best shot at earning a link.
We can even connect you to consultants who have successfully pitched that blogger or journalist in the past, so that you benefit from thousands of additional influencer relationships.

Over a dozen link building strategies in one tool

Lots of free link building tools can help you find bloggers or social media influencers. But cold outreach is a difficult and inefficient way to earn backlinks. CanIRank incorporates a number of link building strategies with higher success rates, including competitor links, unlinked mentions, resource pages, Q&A, communities, aggregators, niche directories, and guest posts.

link building strategies

Not connected to an influencer? Delegate to someone who is with just 1 click

With CanIRank’s Full Service option, you instantly add relationships with thousands of different journalists, bloggers, and communities to your team. For every link prospect, we’ll tell you which SEO link builder or outreach consultant has the most experience pitching that website or journalist, and even include their pitching success rate. Effective link building is all about relationships, and your network just got bigger!

link building outreach consultant

Prioritize the best link opportunities with Authority, Relevancy, and Nofollow scores

Even with the best software, white hat SEO link building strategies take time to execute. To help you quickly focus your content promotion efforts on the most valuable link prospects, we score each link target’s authority, relevancy to your target keywords, and whether or not the links are nofollow.

backlink prospecting tool

Find sites where you can quickly and easily earn authoritative white hat links

Some sites are easier to earn links from than others. CanIRank is the only link building software that can tell you the likelihood of a website like yours earning a link from a given target, thanks to machine learning models trained on analysis of hundreds of thousands of linked websites. Focus your time on opportunities most likely to lead to a successful link.

tool to find link building opportunities

Free link outreach email templates and detailed instructions for every linkbuilding strategy

Email templates are certainly helpful, but the pitch email is only one component of an effective outreach campaign. For every link building strategy included in CanIRank’s software, we provide a detailed step-by-step process for maximizing results, as well as tips from the best link building consultants on the CanIRank Full Service Outreach team, who have successfully landed thousands of links including from tier 1 outlets such as USAToday, MSN, WSJ, Inc, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and many more.

link building outreach email templates

Find the 50 best link opportunities for your website:

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