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An “easy button” for your keyword research process

If you’re using a keyword research tool for SEO, most likely your end goal isn’t just a huge list of keywords in Excel. Instead, you want to uncover untapped niches, find profitable content topics to write about, organize those content topics into an ideal website structure, and ensure every page is targeting the most valuable keyword variations.

One of our core principles at CanIRank is to automate tedious data collection and analysis so you can spend your time on more valuable strategic work. When it comes to an SEO keyword research process, that means analyzing and scoring tens of thousands of keyword variations to identify the very best keywords specifically for your website.

Stop wasting time on “old school” keyword research

Search engines don’t work like they did in 2012, and neither should you. The introduction of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm completely changed the role of keyword research in SEO. The objective now is to find unique content topics, not just keywords, and ensure that every page includes the right phrases in the best places to maximize overall traffic.
Here’s how to do keyword research optimized for the way search engines work in 2017:

Discover unique keyword ideas you won’t find anywhere else — not just Google AdWords

It’s easier to compete when you’re not targeting the same keywords as everyone else. Most keyword tools pull ideas from Google Keyword Planner or scrape Google Suggest. CanIRank adds several unique sources not found in other keyword research tools, including words targeted by your competitors, terms frequently used on high ranking pages, and semantically related phrases.

the best keyword research tool

Grow your paying customers, not just your traffic

With B2B SaaS or services businesses, keyword search volume is often less important than whether or not those searchers are potential customers. CanIRank is the only keyword research tool to score how relevant a keyword is to your website, products and services, and competitor offerings, so you can focus on keywords most likely to send paying customers, not just “traffic”.

keyword search volume and value

If Siri did SEO, it might look like this

Smart preconfigured filters enable you to complete common tasks with a single click: Easy keyword variations? Keywords offering the best balance between traffic value and ranking difficulty? Keywords most likely to convert? Keywords with the best traffic generating potential? All just 1 click.

easy keyword research

Machine learning-based keyword recommendations adapt to changes in your website and competition

Only CanIRank uses a machine learning model to generate keyword recommendations personalized to your website. Best of all, the system gets smarter over time as it learns which keywords drive the most traffic for your business. As your site enters new markets or becomes more competitive, our keyword recommendations adapt accordingly.

personalized keyword recommendations

“Keyword ROI” helps you find the ideal balance between traffic potential and ranking difficulty

The best keyword research process reveals keywords that aren’t just high search volume, but also relevant to your business and not too competitive. CanIRank is the only keyword research tool to evaluate the relevancy of every keyword recommendation, and our keyword difficulty score is over twice as accurate as the competition. As a result, you find better keywords with less time spent poring over thousands of irrelevant keyword suggestions.

keyword roi

The most accurate SEO metrics available

There’s nothing worse than throwing away money chasing a keyword that’s too competitive. Accurately analyzing keyword difficulty is perhaps the most challenging part of an SEO keyword research process, which is why we spent over 2 years perfecting the most accurate keyword difficulty score on the market.

keyword difficulty accuracy

Earn more traffic with each page by targeting all variations

Modern search algorithms reward in-depth content that may target thousands of long-tail keyword variations with a single page. Once you’ve chosen a primary keyword, with just 1 click CanIRank can generate hundreds of secondary keyword variations you can effectively target with the same page.

generate long tail keyword ideas

Level up your SEO keyword research process:

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