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CanIRank is ideal for consultants and marketers looking to increase the ROI of their SEO and content marketing activities. Our customers include top agencies and some of today's most skilled SEO practitioners, but beginners can be quickly brought up to speed with our free SEO video tutorials and knowledge base.

Whether novice or expert, DIY or Full Service, the common thread we all share is a belief that data collection and analysis is a task best suited to computers, and that by leveraging modern machine learning techniques we can make better decisions and free up time for the more creative and rewarding aspects of online marketing.

Customer Case Studies



Within 6 months of acquiring and launching a new website, we added traffic worth over $10,000 per year

AngelPad-funded Fieldwire had a winning product but no in-house resources to grow their traffic. CanIRank provided the perfect solution by helping them seamlessly transition from DIY software to Full Service agency as their company grew. Following CanIRank’s optimization recommendations, the Fieldwire team started seeing ranking increases within the first 2 weeks. After moving to a Full Service plan their traffic skyrocketed 853% in just a few months. CanIRank’s team also helped revamp the site’s information architecture and landed more press coverage than Fieldwire’s dedicated PR agency (which charged 25 times as much).

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CanIRank gives you exactly what you need to achieve laser-focused SEO.
It breaks down the process in steps that allows you to see measurable return on your efforts within weeks.
It’s an essential part of our marketing stack now.
Yves Frinault
CEO, Fieldwire
PDF Pro SEO Results


From 141 to over 150,000 monthly organic search visitors
after 6 months of CanIRank Full Service

As a new startup in a competitive market, PDF Pro came to us with almost no organic search traffic, a limited budget, and domain authority too low to compete against the entrenched players dominating the rankings. In 6 months CanIRank Full Service added over 5,000 new rankings in, increasing total traffic by a factor of 200. CanIRank’s team also earned PDF Pro coverage in USA Today, Inc, Business2Community, and PCAdvisor, landed a number of blogger reviews, and helped optimize and add additional content to the website.

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CanIRank has been a brilliant and invaluable partner, allowing us to outsource our marketing
and focus on our technology.
Sophie Knowles
Co-founder, PDF Pro
Ecommerce SEO

Bavarian Clockworks

From launch to over $1,000,000 in sales using free organic SEO traffic

New ecommerce stores often have a tough time competing against Amazon, WalMart, Ebay, and other large incumbents with exponentially larger budgets and household name recognition. To keep the traffic flowing, smaller ecommerce websites often turn to Google AdWords, and soon all of their profits are going to Google. CanIRank helped specialty clock retailer Bavarian Clockworks find a way out of this trap using free organic SEO traffic.

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Most SEO agencies tell you what you want to hear. CanIRank told us what we needed to hear.
They have been a key partner, consistently delivering on promises and helping us achieve an excellent ROI.
Bob Ellis
Owner, BavarianClockworks photo scan service

CanIRank reversed the downward trend and
doubled our rankings in just 1 month

“I own / operate a photo scanning business and for the last few years we've been able to rely on a good level of business through Google. However towards the end of last year there was a noticeable downward trend which accelerated a couple of months ago. I decided to convert to WordPress and was told I needed to 'do SEO', and also warned to do it right as there might be 'consequences'...


When I came across CanIRank it seemed like the place to guide me through the rocky waters. I am very pleased to say it has done just that, and in a few short weeks. I was pleased to find it gave me a lot of advice on what I could do, and I've set about with what I guess an expert will think is the low hanging fruit. Here are the results of less than one months effort for my key search term:
Average position - up 3 (and now on first page of Google)
CTR - up 7%
Clicks - up 533% (yes, that's five times better than the month before)
I have also found significant improvements on other key terms, and that while we ranked for just over 100 terms before, we now rank for nearly 200. From a personal perspective CanIRank has given me a lot of comfort and confidence, I understand what I need to be doing and why, so when I work on the site it's with the expectation of more business rather than blind hope. Financially the extra business I've generated is better value for the site than the £10 per day budget I have on Google Adwords for a single phrase. If, like me, you're the owner of a small business, give CanIRank a try. I'm sure, like me, you won't regret it!”

CanIRank has given me a lot of comfort and confidence; I understand what I need to be doing and why, so when I work on the site it's with the expectation of more business rather than blind hope.
Jeff Underwood
Yoga DVDs

David vs. Goliath:
How a part-time blogger outranked
Amazon, eBay and Walmart

When you're a small business, it can sometimes seem impossible to outrank megasites like Amazon, eBay, or they have literally millions of inbound links with more pouring in every day, not to mention constant press coverage, advertising, brand recognition, and the best SEO experts money can buy.


But none of that stopped, a small review blog written by a yoga instructor from Indiana, from using CanIRank to nab top rankings away from the behemoths for hundreds of valuable yoga-related terms like "yoga DVDs", "yoga DVD review", "best Yoga DVDs", and even specific products like "Tara Stiles yoga DVD" or "Barbara Benagh yoga". How did do it? By using CanIRank to find the chink in the giant's armor: low Website Relevancy and mediocre Page Relevancy. To slay the giants, they first analyzed dozens of keywords to find which ones were least competitive, and started building up their traffic by ranking for long tail terms like "hatha yoga DVDs", "best intermediate yoga DVD", and "yoga dvds for weight loss". Those may not be headline terms, but the highly-targeted traffic converted well to sales, and the topical content helped establish very strong Website Relevancy. Finally, when they had a bit of authority built up to start going after fat head terms like "yoga DVD", they used CanIRank's On Page Relevancy tool to make sure their content outscored the megasites, earning them high rankings with only a fraction of the links.

More Great Results

  • We made more progress in our first month with CanIRank than we did in 9 months with our previous
    SEO agency.
  • If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars a month hiring an SEO "expert" who may or may not deliver results, CanIRank is an incredible DIY option that actually works. The system gives you the exact steps to follow, in very clear instructions, to improve your keyword rankings over time. Highly recommended!
  • I have not only gained a much greater understanding of how SEO works, but I have seen the success of my website grow far faster than ever imagined thanks to CanIRank.
  • By using more ranking factors (200+) than the usual manual or automated methods, CanIRank gives you the most accurate readout I've seen regarding your chances of ranking new and proposed pages. Plus, it's fun!"
  • SEO can be boring, but CanIRank's system shows me enough different methods that I can jump from successful strategy to successful strategy, making SEO fun again!
  • There is simply no better way to spend your money as a startup if you want to crush it on SEO!

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