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SEO Software that Delivers Actions and Insights, not just Data

CanIRank is the industry's first SEO Intelligence tool. We collect data and metrics from other SEO services you know and love, then add a layer of machine learning intelligence on top to deliver actionable insights, opportunities, and personalized recommendations. Our goal is to help you spend less time collecting and analyzing data, and more time making improvements that will grow your traffic.
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When you analyze a keyword, CanIRank collects much of the same data smart SEOs do: link metrics like anchor text, MozRank, Page Authority, and Domain Authority; on-page factors like keyword usage, page quality, and topic relevancy; social metrics like tweets, +1s, and shares; and of course keyword metrics like search volume, CPC, and existing rankings — in all over 200 factors for each URL (that's 2,000+ data points per keyword!). Then, CanIRank goes one step beyond the other tools: we use our industry-leading ranking models to analyze all of that data to provide you with immediately actionable information.

CanIRank answers questions like:

  • Would a page on my site be competitive for this keyword?
  • What are the top rankers doing that my site is not?
  • What's the one thing I could improve to make the biggest impact on my rankings?
  • What are some easier keywords to consider if this one is too difficult?
  • What are some things I can do to improve my Website Strength?
  • Which words should I include to make my page more relevant?

Adding action to data from these great SEO Tools:

Why choose CanIRank?

There are many great SEO tools out there. While CanIRank includes some features you may recognize from other SEO software (like keyword research, keyword difficulty, competitive analysis, and link building opportunities), our approach is fundamentally different:

Data, Not Opinions

Ranking Opportunities

CanIRank's recommendations are based upon analysis of over 200,000 websites to determine what's really most important to high rankings — not "expert" opinions.

  • Customized to your website
    One-size fits all checklists are not enough for competitive SEO. All of CanIRank's recommendations — from keyword suggestions to on-page guidelines to link building ideas — are based upon a thorough analysis of the unique needs, opportunities, and competitive landscape of your particular website.
  • Adapt to changes
    Yesterday's best practices are today's penalty triggers. We regularly update our data models to stay on top of search engine algorithm changes like Google's Panda and Penguin updates.
  • Optimum workflow for faster results
    What's the one thing I can do right now to make the greatest impact on my ranking? To answer that question, CanIRank calculates how your website compares to existing rankers in every major ranking factor, as well as the influence of each of those ranking factors for that particular result page, and gives you the answer in under a minute.

Targeted SEO = Less Risk

Competitive Analysis

Thorough competitive research enables accurate diagnosis of your website's needs, so you can fix what's broken and avoid the risk of overly aggressive SEO.

  • Avoid penalties
    "The nail that sticks out gets hammered down." Avoid attracting penalties by making sure your keyword usage (both on-page and anchor text) is consistent with other high ranking sites.
  • Targeted solutions for every problem
    Some SEO practitioners always sell the same solution: more links! Would you trust your doctor if he always prescribed the same treatment? Using a variety of targeted SEO techniques protects you from algorithm changes and creates a more natural profile.
  • Grow organically
    Sites often get into trouble when they try to bite off more than they can chew, using aggressive (spammy) SEO tactics to go after keywords that are simply too difficult. Smart SEOs use CanIRank to find low-hanging fruit, building on each success to steadily work their way up the keyword value pyramid.

Always the Right Tool

Action Recommendations

No tool can do everything, so CanIRank connects you to data and features from other SEO tools when they would be helpful for your situation.

  • All in one place
    Whenever possible, we try to save you time and money by using the API from companies like Moz, SEMRush, and SharedCounts to pull the relevant data right into your CanIRank account. (And we help you make sense of it.)
  • Plays nicely with others
    No one tool can do everything, so CanIRank recommends other tools and resources on an as-needed basis whenever one would be helpful for your particular situation. Need to better understand why your keyword relevancy is lower than a competitors? We'll connect you to the "view as search engine" feature of SEO-Browser. Have an issue with link distribution? We'll link to Ahrefs' great (free) overview. Our goal is to make you more productive, not lock you in to our toolset by duplicating what others already do well.
  • Personal help when you need it
    Sometimes the help you need isn't a tool at all. We don't succeed unless you do, so we make sure a real person is available to chat whenever you need a hand. All plans come with free expert consulting to help with tricky issues and make sure you get the most out of your membership.

DIY, Full Service, or Hybrid?

If you’re on a tight budget, CanIRank gives you everything you need to learn and succeed. But sometimes it can be nice to consult an expert — our pay-as-you-go Service plans let you get help when you need it with no contract or commitment. And if you like the idea of a team working on your behalf but want to maintain control over big picture strategy and complete transparency into what work is being done, then our hybrid software+services options are for you.

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? Unique Websites How many different websites will you want to analyze?
1 1 7 25
? Smarter keyword research The starting point for every new SEO campaign, Keyword Research Reports help you find keywords that offer maximum value with minimal competition, and show you what it would take to outrank the competition.
Keyword Reports
5 total 5 / day 20 / day 80 / day
? SEO Optimization Reports What do you need improve in order to rank better? Optimization Reports give you specific actionable recommendations to ensure your page is perfectly optimized for your target keyword.
SEO Reports
5 total 3 / day 10 / day 40 / day
? Content Ideas Get suggestions for new keywords you might be able to target that are less competitive, higher traffic, or higher value.
Content Ideas
Limited 25 / Report 40 / Report 100 / Report
? Rank Tracking Track ranking changes for your site and competitors. Uncover untapped opportunities and see how much traffic you'd gain by moving up to the #1 position.
Rank Tracking
Limited 25+ keywords / site 100+ keywords / site 200+ keywords / site
? Link Opportunities Find relevant places to promote your content, scored by authority, relevancy, and the ease of obtaining a link.
Link Opportunities
20 total 50 / month 250 / month 1000 / month
? Analyze multiple countries Get keyword suggestions specific to any country you choose, see your rankings in multiple countries, and compare your site to competitors for any country-specific version of Google. Each additional country analyzed requires 1 website credit.
Multi-country Targeting
? Online Marketing Performance Identify your website's strengths and weaknesses and biggest opportunities.
Marketing Audit
? Authority Building Opportunities Become the authoritative source in your industry by connecting with key influencers, earning the highest quality links, and out-promoting your competitors.
Authority Building
? Social Media Opportunities Attract and engage new followers by being the first to share trending content and utilize the latest social media brand building techniques.
Social Media
? Track your progress Weekly progress reports keep you informed of new rankings, ranking changes, new links, social shares, and your highest priority marketing tasks.
Progress Reports
? How do you stack up to the competition? See which online marketing channels are working best for your competition, their strongest links, search engine rankings, and best performing content.
Competitive Analysis
? Startup Love We're a young company working hard to bring more transparency and value to online marketing services for startups, small businesses, and non profits. Join us!
Undying Gratitude
? Help when you need it Need a little advice to get started? Want help building a big picture SEO strategy for your site? Mired in technical issues? Consult with an Expert for no additional charge!
Expert Assistance
? Results Guarantee We succeed when you succeed. If you don't see results in the first 30 days, we'll refund your money or work with you free of charge until you do.
Results Guarantee
? Customized branding Replace CanIRank branding with your company logo, website URL, and CTA when sharing reports with clients.
Whitelabel Reports
? Try it for Free We succeed when you succeed. Cancel at any time during your first 7 days and pay nothing.
7-Day Free Trial
? Monthly Bonus Reports Have a big batch of analysis to do? Bonus Reports can be used for any Report, any time you use up your daily allotment. They reset monthly.
Bonus Reports
0 / month 10 / month 25 / month 200 / month
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