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$ 0 / mo. $ 49 / mo. $ 79 / mo. $ 299 / mo.
? Unique Websites How many different websites will you want to analyze?
1 1 7 25
? Smarter keyword research The starting point for every new SEO campaign, Keyword Research Reports help you find keywords that offer maximum value with minimal competition, and show you what it would take to outrank the competition.
Keyword Reports
5 total 5 / day 20 / day 80 / day
? SEO Optimization Reports What do you need improve in order to rank better? Optimization Reports give you specific actionable recommendations to ensure your page is perfectly optimized for your target keyword.
SEO Reports
5 total 3 / day 10 / day 40 / day
? Content Ideas Get suggestions for new keywords you might be able to target that are less competitive, higher traffic, or higher value.
Content Ideas
Limited 25 / Report 40 / Report 100 / Report
? Rank Tracking Track ranking changes for your site and competitors. Uncover untapped opportunities and see how much traffic you'd gain by moving up to the #1 position.
Rank Tracking
Limited 25+ keywords / site 100+ keywords / site 200+ keywords / site
? Link Opportunities Find relevant places to promote your content, scored by authority, relevancy, and the ease of obtaining a link.
Link Opportunities
20 total 50 / month 250 / month 1000 / month
? Analyze multiple countries Get keyword suggestions specific to any country you choose, see your rankings in multiple countries, and compare your site to competitors for any country-specific version of Google. Each additional country analyzed requires 1 website credit.
Multi-country Targeting
? Online Marketing Performance Identify your website's strengths and weaknesses and biggest opportunities.
Marketing Audit
? Authority Building Opportunities Become the authoritative source in your industry by connecting with key influencers, earning the highest quality links, and out-promoting your competitors.
Authority Building
? Social Media Opportunities Attract and engage new followers by being the first to share trending content and utilize the latest social media brand building techniques.
Social Media
? Track your progress Weekly progress reports keep you informed of new rankings, ranking changes, new links, social shares, and your highest priority marketing tasks.
Progress Reports
? How do you stack up to the competition? See which online marketing channels are working best for your competition, their strongest links, search engine rankings, and best performing content.
Competitive Analysis
? Startup Love We're a young company working hard to bring more transparency and value to online marketing services for startups, small businesses, and non profits. Join us!
Undying Gratitude
? Help when you need it Need a little advice to get started? Want help building a big picture SEO strategy for your site? Mired in technical issues? Consult with an Expert for no additional charge!
Expert Assistance
? Results Guarantee We succeed when you succeed. If you don't see results in the first 30 days, we'll refund your money or work with you free of charge until you do.
Results Guarantee
? Customized branding Replace CanIRank branding with your company logo, website URL, and CTA when sharing reports with clients.
Whitelabel Reports
? Try it for Free We succeed when you succeed. Cancel at any time during your first 7 days and pay nothing.
7-Day Free Trial
? Monthly Bonus Reports Have a big batch of analysis to do? Bonus Reports can be used for any Report, any time you use up your daily allotment. They reset monthly.
Bonus Reports
0 / month 10 / month 25 / month 200 / month
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  • Is there a free trial?
    Yes, all plans offer a 7-day free trial including the full functionality of the software. If you're not yet ready to put down a credit card, we also offer a Free Forever plan that lets you view a limited number of Content Ideas, Keyword Rankings, and Link Opportunities, create one of each Report type, and get a preview of our top authority building and social media recommendations.
  • Can I change the plan later?
    Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time and your bill automatically be prorated.
  • How is CanIRank different than other SEO tools?
    Other tools provide data. CanIRank adds a layer of artificial intelligence on top to make that data actionable, showing you specifically what needs to be addressed to grow your traffic and search engine rankings. Save time by letting computers handle what they do best (data collection and analysis) so you can focus on the creative aspects of growing your business and keeping your customers happy.
  • What kind of results should I expect?
    On average a CanIRank subscriber who completes at least one Action Recommendation sees a 12% improvement in their search rankings the first week, and a 25% improvement by the end of the first month, in addition to a number of new rankings. Those who complete more Action Recommendations achieve much more!
  • Is this Google-approved?
    CanIRank shows you how to grow your traffic organically by finding low-competition keyword niches where you can rank without a lot of link building or manipulative and risky SEO tactics, greatly reducing your exposure to search engine penalties or algorithm changes.
  • How are the Service plans different than a traditional SEO / Marketing Agency?
    Think of us as Uber for online marketing. We use CanIRank's powerful software to track and coordinate the efforts of our online marketing Experts, so you can see exactly what's being done (and why) at all times. No fancy offices, no sales staff, and no hours of "filler" research (we let the computers handle that!) means that your fees go directly to what matters: hiring smart, talented US, Canada, and UK-based marketing experts to handle your critical marketing tasks. No offshoring here!

Learn more about exclusive features for CanIRank subscribers

Keyword Research
Customized for Your Website

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could know which keywords your competitors are targeting, which phrases Google considers related, and which terms offer the greatest potential specifically for your site? Oh yeah, and could we please sort those by search volume, ad value, and ranking difficulty? In seconds your Keyword Research is done, automatically, for every campaign you launch.

the best keyword research tool

Choose the Right Keyword Today,
Rank #1 Tomorrow

CanIRank helps you find keywords where your site is already competitive, so you can achieve results quickly, with less cost and risk. Based on 2+ years of research, CanIRank’s Ranking Probability is over twice as accurate as other Keyword Difficulty tools. CanIRank is the only SEO software able to calculate a Keyword ROI Score to find the best balance between ranking difficulty and keyword value specifically for your website.

keyword difficulty estimate

All the Data Professional SEOs Love,
In Seconds

Your time is valuable! Don’t spend it querying 5 different tools and copying results into Excel. CanIRank's SERP Analysis tool collects hundreds of data points for every keyword, including leading paid SEO tools such as Moz and SEMRush. CanIRank's Rank Tracking tool will even dig up your most valuable keyword rankings without you having to manually add them. Best of all, we monitor the results on an ongoing basis and notify you of any changes you need to pay attention to, like rank changes, competitors on the move, or new link opportunities.

monitor all of your SEO data in one place

An X-Ray Machine
For Search Engine Results Pages

The best SEOs invest countless hours analyzing search results, trying to understand why sites rank where they do. CanIRank's SEO Competitive Analysis software delivers the same data in seconds, so you can see at a glance what's working and what's not. It's the next best thing to having a search engineer explain the secret sauce in her company's ranking algorithm. Reports are beautifully presented and easily understood, making them an excellent tool for diagnosing and communicating website needs to clients or senior management before each new campaign.

Competitive Analysis software for SEO

Actions Guided by Data

With every search engine result page, Google shows us by example what kinds of links it favors, which content they consider most relevant, and how much keyword usage is too much. We just need to know how to listen! CanIRank turns all those data points into specific SEO Tasks, like which related words to include in your content, how to make important words stand out, and where to get links for maximum benefit with minimum risk.

Using data to make better on-page SEO recommendations

Become a Better Marketer

Keeping your skills up to date can be challenging when last week’s best practices are this week’s penalty triggers. Whatever issue your site has, CanIRank connects you to an ever-growing SEO Knowledge Base of appropriate Actions customized according to your skill level, site needs, and the historical effectiveness of each Action. As your skills develop or your website’s needs change, we’ll automatically update your Action Plan so you’ll always know which Actions the software predicts will have the greatest impact.

Learn SEO with a detailed knowledge base customized according to your ability and site needs

Prove Your Value

Safe, sustainable SEO is a long game, but clients and management want to see results now. How can you balance the two? First, set expectations by using CanIRank’s Competitive Analysis tool to help clients understand what separates their site from existing rankers. Second, explain how your services will help close that gap (using CanIRank’s Action Plan or your own). Pluck low-hanging fruit with CanIRank's Keyword Difficulty tool, then focus on doing great work while CanIRank automatically tracks your progress in dozens of key SEO metrics. Even if it takes a while for rankings to appear, your client remains reassured thanks to CanIRank’s weekly SEO Progress Reports with ranking factor score increases, new rankings, ranking changes, and clear explanations of which SEO tasks were completed and how they will benefit the site.

SEO Reporting Tool for agencies to inform and impress clients

CanIRank Results Guarantee

CanIRank is the only SEO software backed up by data showing we're over twice as accurate as other leading SEO tools. We've invested a lot in R&D, but not much in marketing. So to help you see that our technology is legitimately better, we'd like to make you this promise:

In your first 30 days with CanIRank, you will:

  • Discover "low-hanging fruit" keywords your site can easily rank for
  • Achieve Page 1 rankings for any keyword where you score above 80% and complete CanIRank's Action Recommendations
  • Not be penalized by search engines for following CanIRank's recommendations

If you don't achieve ALL three of these goals, we'll refund your subscription payment and where appropriate give you FREE personal expert assistance until you do.

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