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Carli is a digital PR specialist, avid horsewoman and beginner homesteader. Before starting her career in digital marketing, she worked as everything from a professional swing dancer to a wrangler in the Eastern Sierras.

Monthly Inbound Marketing Roundup: April 2019

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Where did April go? It was a blip on the radar aside from Ross Hudgens of Siege Media expertly trolling this guy on LinkedIn: The self-proclaimed “secret weapon” posted this lovely little knowledge nugget: ‘Want to know what's crazy? I don't ever "do SEO"-- but rank on [...]

Monthly Inbound Marketing Roundup: March 2019

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This last month was a whirlwind of activity in the SEO world. The March 2019 Core Update, aptly named by Google itself (that must have taken some serious creative juices to come up with) had everyone blogging with a vengeance and combing analytics for hours on end. Some websites won and others lost, [...]

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