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About Cassandra Wilson

Cassandra is a CanIRank Full Service Content Specialist and has spent her career working with startups and helping them grow. She loves creating powerful stories and messages that help businesses generate more buzz, leads, and sales. In her spare time, she enjoys camping, cooking, and playing the piano.

Spend Less, Make More: Your Guide to a Lean Startup Marketing Plan

By |Categories: Grow Your Content, Grow Your Followers|

You’ve got a great business, but there’s one major problem that’s keeping you up at night. You know your marketing strategy is not up to par. You know your lead acquisition isn’t great, your existing conversion campaigns are a little lackluster, and that potential customers are slipping through your fingers every day as they choose [...]

Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Competitor Analysis

By |Categories: SEO Knowledge|

You want your brand to stand out on social media but it seems like your competition always has a leg up on you. They have more followers, more engagement, and more loyal can you even compete? Let us introduce you to your new secret weapon: A Social Media Competitor Analysis. If you do a [...]

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