And link build like Chuck Norris. 

*Caveat warning, I was told Chuck Norris is no longer relevant. But Chuck Norris refused to be eliminated from this article.

Like many SEOs, you may be wondering how you can get more backlinks from high-quality sites. And if you’re like Chuck, you want to learn to slam quality links with your pinky finger.

So, what are the steps to efficiently bake into your content so that you can organically build an optimal amount of high-quality links?

Build Promotability Into Your Content

Before you begin writing, analyze the promotability level of your topic. Has this topic been written about before? If so, can you put a new spin on it? If not, do you have advanced knowledge of the topic that hasn’t been written about before? Content that is new is data-driven, or has a unique spin is the best place to start. So where do you start with building quality backlinks?

Once you’ve identified a topic, it’s time to consider the remaining promotability factors.


Promotability factors to consider:

#1 – Audience

Is this the right content for your target audience? Is this something they are interested in? If you are unsure if your topic will resonate with your audience, do some more research. What types of content are doing well with your competitors? What content of yours is already performing well? Can you expand on that topic? What types of content are these people engaging with? The audience is the most important factor to consider when it comes to promotability.

#2 – Influencers

Identify industry influencers in the niche you are writing about. Feature influencers via quote, interview, or feature – this sets you up in a good position to reach their audiences with minimal effort. Many influencers will be more than happy to share your content on their social accounts as a thank you for the inclusion.

For example, if you are writing about “How to design birthday cards” you could quote someone who designs business cards professionally like eCards.

#3 – Tools

The third promotability factor to consider is tools. Did you use any specific tools to come up with the content for your article? Did you use a website, app, or research platform? Did you use any tools to come up with content ideas? Include them in your content! For every tool you include, you will have more opportunities to reach out and share the love with another audience

#4 – Shareable assets

Creating promotional design elements is another great way to promote sharing. Can you design an infographic? Flowchart? Video? Well-designed content not only creates a great overall user experience; it also typically performs well on Pinterest and other social media platforms. Consider adding in some designed content into your blog posts, and other collateral pieces.

Want to create promotional assets but aren’t a designer? You still can! Tools like Canva are free and easy to use. Just take a little time to learn the system and voila! Just like that, you can now design beautiful content.

Design Wizard is an excellent alternative to Canva, holding 1.2 million images and tens of thousands of videos. Standout features of the tool include a custom color palette, free font library and resize features as well!

#5 – Complementary businesses

Do you have partners you can highlight in your content? What about complementary businesses that have a similar target audience to yours? Don’t be afraid to reach out to other businesses. Whether you collaborate on a co-branded webinar, write a content piece together, or sponsor a local event, don’t forget to utilize relationships to increase the promotability of your content.

#6 – Headline clickability

You can’t create a link-worthy piece of content if no one ever makes it past the headline. Portent is an excellent tool for coming up with engaging, catchy, Chuck Norris-like titles.  

Another option is CoSchedule, a headline analyzer tool that allows you to test the titles you’ve come up with and see if they are indeed clickable or not.

Content Amplification

Once you have published your copy, it’s time to promote the content. Identify the key hooks of your article and write up a few different headlines and snippets. You can use these headlines and snippets to help you craft posts, pitches, and outreach ideas.

For example, let’s take a look at this piece:

Key hooks:

How to become the Chuck Norris of backlinks

How to create content that gets links by itself

Headline snippets:

How to create content that gets links by itself

The ultimate guide to getting backlinks like a boss

Description snippets:

Content is still king, but with so much content easily accessible on the internet, SEO requires more than just high-quality content. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to build the promotability factor into your content (which means more links).


How much easier would your job be if your content did all the work? When you are creating content for your business, you must consider the promotability factors. In this piece, we show you how to create content that converts and does the link building for you.

Once you have a few sample text snippets created, it’s time to start amplifying your content.


So, where do you start?

#1 – Social media

  • Post the content to your social channels. Make sure to include related hashtags for the “find-ability factor.”
  • Encourage internal employees to like, share, and promote your content.
  • Reach out via social media and/or email to share the love with any influencers or businesses featured in your content.
  • Find industry-relevant Facebook & LinkedIn groups where you can share your content with an active user base.


#2 – Quora/Q&A sites

While using Q&A sites might seem like a strategy from the old days of SEO, it should not be ignored. Find questions that your content answers. Take some time to put some thought into your comments, and link to any other relevant sources that people asking the question might find helpful. This tactic needs to be done authentically and not overly spammy. If you do this right, this is a great way to get more readers as well as link juice.


#3 – Forums/aggregators

While forums and aggregators are often overlooked in favor of newer tactics, they are still an excellent way to drive traffic. For example, Reddit and GrowthHackers are still excellent aggregators to get your content in front of more users. Make sure to find active, audience-related forums and to never sound overly promotional. If you can link to more resources than just your own, it goes a long way in garnering upvotes.


#4 – Link roundups

There is quite a variety of link roundups in various industries, including weekly email newsletters, monthly blog posts, or ongoing social roundups. For example, UpCity and InvoiceBerry are two to which we regularly pitch CanIRank content. After finding great complementary articles, try offering an inclusion in your newsletters. There is a lot of cheap email marketing software today that doesn’t break the bank. And  the additional costs of including their content in your newsletter is close to zero.

Reviving a piece of content for your link-partner is a great deal for them. Alternatively you could also ask for an inclusion of your article in their newsletter to amplify the reach even more. Pro tip: Make sure you have some smart email opt-in forms or conversational marketing (aka live chat) in place to capture and capitalize on your new found audience. 



Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry. Take a look at this case study to see exactly how easy it is to create promotable content and increase your revenue, traffic, brand presence and more!