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Joe calls upon his experience in early stage tech startups to find surprising growth opportunities. He brings a literary discipline to the content marketing process, conveying passion and expertise to your audience. Joe's commitment to in-depth research and precise language can help you delight and inform customers, while building the kind of online reputation that search engines reward.

How to Publish Press Releases for SEO

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Marketers are increasingly expected to do more with less. That tends to mean focusing on the most quantifiable activities, or those with viral potential. Both approaches demand relationship building: Ranking in organic search involves developing relationships with other website owners to earn backlinks. Landing your story in reputable publications means pitching busy journalists Outreach can [...]

How to Heal: Natural Wellness Marketing after Google Medic

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Why does Google hate my health content? Search engines are conspiring with the pharmaceutical industry to censor the internet and ensure that natural health information is hard to find. At least, that’s the narrative dominating alternative medicine spaces following the armageddon caused by Google’s core algorithm updates beginning in March 2018. The infamous ‘Medic’ update [...]

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