Employee Spotlight

Meet Henry, our Director of Promotions. Henry leads our team using a combination of his outgoing and friendly personality, and his advanced SEO knowledge. With 4 years in the industry and at CanIRank, Henry is one of our top marketers and helps us excel with our clients and internal team development.

About Henry:


Cordoba, Argentina

Professional Background

After graduating from college, I briefly worked in the US Senate. It was a good experience, but I found the pace of work was a little too slow for what I wanted to accomplish professionally. Eventually, I found my passion for working with startups. Prior to CanIRank, I was part of a fintech company that helped finance wind and solar projects throughout Latin America. The company was part of Startup Chile’s seed accelerator program.

Random Tidbit

I played basketball in college. Although I didn’t get a ton of time on the court, the team had a lot of success and even qualified for the Final 4 in the NCAA Division III tournament during my Junior year.

Lightning Round Q&A with Henry:

  • Would you rather find yourself living in a real-world version of “Jurassic World”, or “Jaws?”
  • “Jurassic World. I’d like to think I would have a better chance of hiding from a dinosaur on land than swimming away from a great white shark in the ocean.”
  • Who are some of your favorite clients you’ve worked with?
  • “I’ve had the chance to work with a wide variety of businesses at CanIRank. You learn so much more as a marketer when you get exposure to different industries and business models. I enjoy working with innovative SaaS startups. These companies are looking to move fast, learn, and adapt. I like the speed and opportunity to help build a marketing foundation from scratch.”
  • Who has had the biggest impact on your career so far in life?
  • “My father has had a big impact on my professional development. He’s accomplished a lot in his career and is someone I look up to.”
  • What is your favorite tactic to try on eCommerce brands? Can you show us an example of your work?
  • My favorite tactic is using content marketing to earn backlinks. Link building is a big challenge for e-commerce brands because most bloggers or journalists won’t link to commercial pages. Therefore, it’s important to be able to create compelling original content that gets attention. For example, our team published a research study for a client in the massage space. We used the research findings to piggyback off a hot button topic, resulting in press coverage and links from publications such as Patch, American Spa, Massage Magazine, and several industry blogs.
  • Lego Batman or Regular Batman?
  • “I didn’t know there was a Lego Batman movie so I’ll go with the latter.”
  • Where do you find inspiration professionally and personally?
  • “ Lately, I’ve been listening to NPR’s Planet Money podcast. I’m always looking to stay informed on current events. I’ve found the show to be a fun way to keep up to date on global economic issues.”
  • What is your favorite thing about working with clients?
  • “I like getting to know each client on a personal level. I’m interested in learning about their business history and journey as an entrepreneur. One of the challenges with working in digital marketing, or any field in which the work takes place online, is you can sometimes feel disconnected from the results you achieve. It’s rewarding to help clients increase their traffic and sales – but it’s not the same as building something with your hands, where you can see and touch the progress you make after each milestone. I have found getting to know clients helps minimize this disconnect. The more I know a client personally, the more invested I feel in their success.”
  • What is the strangest thing you’ve ever done?
  • “I once spent 80 hours on a bus traveling across South America. Since the trip spanned 3 different countries, I wasn’t sure which currency of money to bring. Instead of carrying some form of cash, I naively assumed a debit card would suffice. However, the bus only stopped in small villages along the way, which meant there was no access to ATMs and the local businesses accepted cash only. I was worried that I was going to have to fast for three straight days! Fortunately, towards the end of the first day a Colombian man lent me $20; I gladly repaid him at the end of the trip.”
  • What do you love about digital marketing?
  • “I enjoy the challenge that comes with digital marketing. It requires many different skill sets, execution, and creativity – which makes it very rewarding when you are able to achieve strong results.”
  • What is still on your bucket list?
  • I would like to learn a third language.”
  • Why did you choose SEO as a career?
  • “I didn’t anticipate working as an SEO consultant. It wasn’t part of my initial career plan. Instead, I found opportunities in the field that fit with my skill set and background. Then I worked on developing my skills further. That’s one of my favorite parts of working in SEO and at CanIRank. You have the chance to sharpen your skills, which helps you achieve better results, and ultimately motivates you to put in more effort. There’s a positive feedback loop that helps you continuously improve.”
  • Bunnies or chipmunks?
  • “Chipmunks”

And… that’s a wrap!