Employee Spotlight

Sara Davis joined the CanIRank team last month as our new VP of Growth! We are so lucky to have her! As a remote agency, our employees live and work all around the world, with US expats in Switzerland, South Africa, Morocco, and more!

This upcoming employee highlight series will focus on providing you with a backstage look at each of our unique team-members talents, personalities, passions, and purposes. We’re ecstatic to show you the team!

…And so with no further ado, meet Sara.

About Sara:



Professional Background

With over ten years of high-end agency experience, Sara specializes in driving growth, marketing execution, sales, agency operations, and more! Sara has worked with hundreds of businesses from startups to Fortune 100’s. 

In 2016 Sara was awarded the prestigious Stevie Award for being the “Woman of the Year in PR, Marketing, and Advertising.”  As a distinguished professional, Sara is passionate about marketing, her family, and coffee. We are so happy to have her on the team!

Random Tidbit

As a bit of an adrenaline junkie, Sara has done/loves to do everything from skydiving, jumping off the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, and riding as many roller coasters as she can! Next one on the bucket list? Kingda Da!

Lightning Round Q&A with Sara:

  • Would you rather find yourself living in a real-world “Walking Dead”, or a real-world “Game of Thrones”scenario?
  • “That’s a hard question. I think I’d say “Game of Thrones” because the idea of chopping up zombies is…. sketchy.… and I’m not sure I have the skillset to survive very long in a Zombieland.”
  • What was your favorite fairy tale growing up?
  • “Definitely “A Secret Garden” I was convinced in another life I was Mary. I got absolutely lost in the storyline on a day-to-day basis.”
  • Superman or Batman?
  • “Dun, na na, na, na, BATMAN!!! 100%, he’s the greatest!”
  • Favorite aspect of digital marketing?
  • “Honestly, all of it. Content, Email Marketing, and SEO are probably my top three loves though.”
  • What food combination would you ban?
  • “Peanut butter and jelly. I just have so many questions about how this became a thing. Awful, terrible, no good, very bad existence!”
  • What is the best or worst practical joke someone played on you?
  • “My husband and I are huge nerds and perpetually enjoy scaring each other. We try to scare each other on the regular by hiding behind things, jumping out at each other, etc., It is one of my favorite past-times. I also enjoy putting a rubber band on the sink faucet sprayer so that when he turns it on, he gets sprayed with water. We have a strange sense of humor, but I think it’s the best!”
  • Do you prefer SEO or PPC as a tactic for startups?
  • “I would say they are both valuable depending on the niche of the business and unique goals. Here is a good resource for someone looking to make a decision for their business.”
  • Cats or Dogs?
  • “While I LOVE both, recently I have become more of a cat person. They are just so intelligent, crafty, grumpy, and nuts!!!”

And… that’s a wrap!

As we continue to grow we are so excited to have Sara on board as a part of the CanIRank team, welcome to the team, Sara!