Employee Spotlight

In the third installment of our #meettheteam series, meet Dan! With one of the most cultured, diverse backgrounds we’ve ever seen! Music, politics, marketing, Dan has a background that leads us to so many intriguing questions!!! Meet Dan!

About Dan:


Jacksonville, FL

Professional Background

I have a degree in music and a degree in political science, but I haven’t really had a job directly related to either. After working through the ranks as a research analyst within Florida’s state government, I found myself working as a financial advisor for some time. There, I found my passion for helping people find solutions to their problems which ultimately led me to settle in a career in digital marketing and SEO.


(As Dan is one of our top SEO consultants, I’m going to interject here and say “this is way too humble.” Dan is brilliant, creative, talented, kind, and one of our best! #herestoruiningyourhumilityDan :D :D)  — Sara our VP of Growth

Random Tidbit

I spend more time singing than I do breathing. Sometimes I have to get all my singing out before I go to bed or I’ll be stuck lying awake singing something in my head.

Lightning Round Q&A with Dan:

  • Would you rather find yourself living in a real-world version of the “Wizard of Oz” or “Narnia?”
  • “Either one as long as I get to be a witch.”
  • What is the best magazine/book/comic/podcast/video you have ever seen?
  • “Anything with dogs. Anything. Doesn’t matter the type of dog. I don’t care what it’s doing. Could be a video of a dog sleeping for hours. Anything.”

    (Though I also love CanIRank’s piece on the most valuable tweets of all time, of course!)

  • Thor or Ironman?
  • “I know less than nothing about comics so Iron Man because I get the impression his powers come from experimentation and ingenuity while Thor is just like “maybe she’s born with it.””
  • Name your top three role models.
  • Amy Poehler for her sense of humor and perfect outlook on life, Lin-Manuel Miranda for his work ethic and dedication to creating the life he wants, and my dad for his willingness to take risks and ability to build a fulfilling life worth living.
  • What is the WORST thing you’ve ever eaten?
  • Once I got this coconut soup from some small Thai place and I’m pretty sure it had soap in it. I can’t think of anything else because food is probably my favorite thing in the world so I like pretty much all of it.
  • What business niche is your specialty?
  • Technical SEO, sales, operations, research, and analytics. And making bad jokes.
  • Where is your favorite place on earth?
  • Disney World! There’s so much to do and see, but what I love most is being able to block out the outside world the entire time because it’s so immersive.
  • Turtles or dolphins?
  • Dolphins. Just in case they get so intelligent that I need to prove I supported them before the Human-Dolphin War.

And… that’s a wrap!