Employee Spotlight

In the second edition of our Employee Spotlight series, we want to introduce you to Megan Sandra! As our main designer, Megan’s work always gets our clients excited! Whether she is designing websites, social media content, infographics, eBooks, or any other type of content, Megan’s work speaks for itself.


And so with no further ado…Meet Megan!

About Megan:


Nashville, TN

Professional Background

I’m a graphic and web designer, and illustrator. Got a BFA in Art and Design because art has always been my life, love and passion. I moved to Nashville to start my career and began working at a design agency and doing freelance work. 

Random Tidbit

I love gaming but I spend so much of my free time drawing or painting that I have trouble making time for it!

Lightning Round Q&A with Megan:

  • Would you rather find yourself living in a real-world version of the “Lord of the Rings”, or a real-world version of “Harry Potter?”
  • They both have giant spiders so that…sucks. I would love living in Hobbiton… but I really like the idea of being magical. Gonna go with Harry Potter.
  • What is your all-time favorite book?
  • This rotates a lot, but I think either City of Dark Magic, or Dead Mann Walking. They’re both hilarious sci-fi fantasy novels.
  • Spiderman or Venom?
  • Uhhh. Spiderman. But I’m talking Toby Maguire, super awkward Spiderman.
  • How do you draw inspiration when designing?
  • It depends on how I’m feeling stuck, sometimes I have to get away from the computer and just sketch things out with a pencil and paper. I also spend a lot of time looking at what artists are doing currently, checking stuff out on Behance, or dribbble.
  • What is the BEST thing you have ever eaten?
  • When I was in Italy we found a french fry food truck, french fries are SUPER hard to find in Italy so of course it was extra amazing…They gave us a huge cone filled with fries, covered in shawarma sauce, bbq sauce and something else. It was…beyond amazing.
  • What designed piece are you most proud of and why? 
  • I think I have to go with my BFA show from college still just because I created an entire show in one semester, and made a TON of illustrations. Basically, I made a show highlighting a fictional web design business that I created the brand for, along with designing the whole portfolio for said brand, It was exhausting and worth it.
  • Name one thing on your bucket list.
  • I would love to visit Angkor Vat. It’s a beautiful temple in Cambodia that has an insane tree system growing throughout.”
  • Pandas or koalas?
  • This is an unfair question but I think I’ll have to go with pandas?

And… that’s a wrap!