In the past year CanIRank has grown to become one of the SEO industry’s most respected keyword research and competitive analysis tools. We’ve analyzed over a quarter of a million websites, crunching 50,000,000+ raw data points from 11 different sources down into 25,000 Action Recommendations and 3.5 million Keyword Ideas. That’s turning data into action!

But all that power under the covers hasn’t always been matched on the surface. Our admittedly somewhat Spartan user interface kind of left it up to you to figure out how to fit CanIRank into your marketing workflow. I spent a lot of time working with everyone from mom-and-pop businesses to some of the top SEO professionals in the country, getting them up to speed on how CanIRank can help them more efficiently accomplish common SEO research tasks like choosing the best keywords, or identifying weaknesses in the top-ranking competitors that their SEO strategy can exploit.

Most of all, we listened. As our customers shared what they look for in SEO software, a picture begin to take shape of a more powerfuleasier to use version of CanIRank.

Oh, and best of all: did we mention you can now try it out totally free, without having to put down a credit card? That’s right, we’re moving to a “freemium” model so you can get a sneak peek at what CanIRank is capable of for free, and choose to upgrade to unlock additional features and data if you like what you see.

SEO software dashboard

For existing CanIRank customers, there’s more great news: your membership is now a 2-for-1! You can now get full access to all the new features of the revamped CanIRank at as well as access to legacy CanIRank at Use the same login credentials for both apps, and keep your low membership rates locked in! Eventually we will probably have to move everything over to the new platform, but since there’s so much new stuff in the revamped app there’s not a really clean way to do a 1-1 import, so this seemed like the best solution during the transition.

We wouldn’t be here today without all of you guys and gals who took the time to help a startup out by sending in feedback, product suggestions, and feature requests – so please continue to do so! Day 1 of CanIRank version 3 starts today :)

Below are 7 key features of the totally revamped CanIRank, which we’re launching today:

Online Marketing Performance Report


CanIRank has always been helpful for figuring out what’s going on for a specific keyword, but what about for your website overall? How do you know where to start? What are your biggest weaknesses relative to the competition, and your most profitable opportunities? The Online Marketing Performance report is designed to answer these questions, and should be the first stop in every new campaign. Track your progress as scores are automatically updated every week!

Grow your content

Which keywords offer the best bang for the buck, specifically for your website?

We’ve tightened up our workflows so tasks that used to require looking at 3 different pages can now be done all in one place. If you’re looking to add new pages, the “Grow my Content” tool will give you suggestions for keyword ideas, and let you see how competitive a typical page on your website would be for that keyword. Check in here every time you’re adding a new page to your website or considering changing the keyword a page is targeting.

Improve your rankings

SEO Optimization reports focus on actionable advice

How do you go from #12 to page 1, or move from #7 up to the top spot? Improving existing rankings often represents the biggest bang for your buck in SEO, since a few small tweaks can lead to a huge jump in traffic. We’ll show you which of your existing rankings represent the biggest potential, how much you’d gain by moving to the #1 position, and what you’ll need to change to get there.

Build your authority

See your competitors latest links, and which ones may be actionable for you

Amazon isn’t a CanIRank client. For basically every other website in the world, building trust and authority in the eyes of the search engines (and customers) is (or should be) a primary goal. That usually means quality links from the right websites, in the right places, with the right anchor text, at the right time. It’s not an easy formula to get right, so with this new tool we’re putting everything we can on your side. Look for lots more additions in this section coming soon!

Grow your followers

Grow your social media followers by identifying the most engaging content in your niche

Social media and SEO are inseperable: social is one of the best content distribution methods, and a strong following there will help you attract the links and traffic so essential to high rankings (which in turn lead to more followers, more links and traffic, and so on…). With this new tool we’re taking our first steps towards helping you understand what content is working well on social media for your competitors, and how you can grow your own following.

Change preferences on website level

Set preferences on the website level

You’ll notice that everything revolves around websites in the new app, rather than keywords. The new Website Settings page will let you set a country preference, primary keyword, and competitor URLs for every website you’re working on, along with controlling who gets the weekly Progress Reports and what they include.

“Done for you” services

Transparent, high quality SEO services at a fair price

Many customers have told us they appreciate how well CanIRank helps them understand what needs to be improved on their website, but they just don’t have the time or expertise necessary to get those improvements done. To help those folks out, we’re introducing 3 “Full Service” subscription packages where our on-staff experts will complete CanIRank’s action recommendations for you. This hybrid “Software + Services” model offers a few advantages over a traditional SEO agency:

  • Complete transparency into what’s being done, and why. CanIRank’s reports will show you what your website’s weaknesses are, and you’ll be able to see what Action Recommendations were completed by your Expert, and how they’re helping to improve your site
  • Automation: To keep costs low, we take full advantage of CanIRank’s technology to speed up time-consuming research and analysis phases so that costly expert labor goes only towards activities that will deliver results
  • Low overhead: we don’t have a sales team or a fancy office – we let the facts in your reports do the selling for us. This ensures your dollars go towards what really matters: hiring the best possible SEO, content, PR, outreach, and social media experts to complete the work for you. All of the work is done by our highly-trained North American staff—no outsourcing!

The new CanIRank is live now, so please head on over to take it for a spin!